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Questions & Answers

What is Wondershop?
Wondershop is a newly developed e-commerce program that can be used as an online retail shopping website.
Please refer to About Wondershop.
What can it do for me?
Presenting your business, listing products, managing stocks, attracting customers, processing orders etc.
Please refer to Features for further features.
Who can use it?
Anyone that would like to have an online retail shopping website can use it. We place no restrictions on what you wish to sell but your website may not be used to sell or upload anything contrary to New Zealand law or to laws applying in your own country.
Is it a market website like Trade Me, Ebay etc.?
No, we do not allow other sellers to use individual websites hosted by Wondershop. It is designed as a dedicated website for your own retail sales business.
Is it secure and reliable?
We have a well-established and proven track record of creating and coding public and private customized commercial online programs over 13 years and all our programs are still running securely and reliably without requiring continual maintenance. While no program will ever offer a 100% guarantee of security or reliability where there is a human element involved you will have our full technical support at all times.
Privacy of information stored on your servers?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
What do I need to use Wondershop as my online shopping website?
We will provide the server to host your online retail store, but you will also require the following
  • An internet connection

    You will need a stable internet connection to manage your store products and orders. If your Internet connection is unreliable you may not be able to maintain your Internet store.
  • A domain name

    You will need to purchase a domain name either from us (we will manage the technical stuff for you) or from a Domain Name Registrar if you prefer to handle this yourself.
    We can also provide you with a free "your-site.wondershop.co.nz" sub-domain if you do not wish to have your own domain.
  • One or more payment gateways

    Wondershop cannot process credit card or online banking payments for you without a payment gateway. You will need to open an account with a secure payment gateway company such as Paypal, PaymentExpress, Poli etc and integrate this with your website to enable customers to pay for their online orders.
    We do not charge for integrating payment gateways that Wondershop does not yet support.
  • An SSL Certificate

    To help get your website started we will provide you with a free three month temporary SSL Certificate. We suggest that you purchase an Extended Validation Certificate through us (we will take care of the technical stuff and renew it for you before it expires). Alternatively you can choose your own provider and send the certificate to us so that we can install it on your website (you will need to take care of the technical stuff yourself and remember to renew it before it expires).
How much will it cost?
Please refer to our Pricing.
Can I obtain the source code / Can I host it on my own server?
Sorry, but we are not publishing the source code at the present time but this may be possible in the future. Meanwhile, if you wish to use Wondershop your website will need to be hosted on one of our own servers.
Is Wondershop based on any existing shopping cart program or framework?
No, Wondershop is an entirely new program built from scratch and is not based on any existing shopping cart program or framework. We do however use open-source components such as TCPDF for exporting PDF documents, JQuery Javascript for user interface updates, and Font Awsome for Icons.
Where is the website hosted?
All our servers are reliably hosted in Auckland, New Zealand and should efficiently host your website regardless of your location. You may however request a different hosting location closer to your customer base if this is your own preference.
Are passwords encrypted?

Yes, all passwords used across the program are encrypted using a strong one-way hashing algorithm. The encrypted password is unable to be unencrypted back to its original form.

And unlike some popular online media companies, we do not store or make use of your passwords in our program. Your original password is passed directly to the hashing algorithm then entirely discarded from our system.

Can I change the appearance of my website?
Yes you can. Your website interface is built up using templates. Currently we only have one default template available but more will be added in the future.
Can I have my own website design?

Yes you can. Wondershop's interface is totally separate from the program logic, so you can create your own design to meet your specific business requirements as long as this does not include any new features that are not yet supported by the program.

We do charge for coding interface templates. There may also be further work required with your design in the future to ensure that your design is compatible with newly updated features.

Please check Pricing for a price list of interface/template charges.

Can I have customized features on the website?

Yes you can. We are always happy to hear your ideas and can give you a quote on implementing any new feature onto your website. While new features can easily be added to the program we must still ensure that these work correctly within the program logic.

Please also bear in mind that if you have customized features on your website you might not be able to upgrade to newer website versions without paying a further re-coding charge so that they remain compatible with the enhanced program. You can of course retain the older version and we will continue to apply fixes should any bugs become apparent.

Please check Pricing for our current programming charges.
Can I remove the "Powered by Wondershop" at the bottom of the page?
Sorry, this attribution must remain embedded on each page.
Is there a demo site?
Please visit our Demo Site demo.wondershop.co.nz, and feel free to browse around the site and place orders. Emailing is disabled on the demo site.