Questions & Answers

What is Wondershop?
Wondershop is a e-commerce program that can be used as a online shopping website.
Please refer to About Wondershop.
What can it do?
Presenting your business, listing products, managing stocks, attracting customers, process orders etc.
Please refer to Features for detailed features.
Who can use it?
Anyone that wants to have an online shopping website can use it. We do not restrict what you sell, but please make sure you will not use the website to sell or upload anything against New Zealand and your local law.
Is it market website like Trademe, Ebay etc.?
No, Wondershop does not allow different sellers selling through the website. It will be a dedicated website for your business only.
Is it secure/reliable?
There is no 100% secure/reliable for all human works. But we've been creating either public or private customized commercial online programs for 13 years now and all the programs that have been coded by us still running securely and reliably without continually maintenance.
What are you going to do with the data your stored?
Please refer to Privacy Policy.
What do I need in order to use it as my online shopping website?
We will provide server to host your online store, but you will need few more things listed below:
  • An internet connection
    You will need to have a stable internet connection in order to managing your store products/orders, which means you will not able to place any retail order if your internet connection is down in the physical store.
  • A domain name.
    You will need to purchase a domain name either from us (we will manage the technical stuff) or from a domain name registrar you prefer (you will need to take care of all the technical stuff).
  • One or more payment gateways.
    Wondershop does not process credit card or online banking payments by itself. It has to be intergrated with a payment gateway in order to process payments. You have to apply an account from a payment gateway company like Paypal, PaymentExpress, Poli etc.
  • A SSL Certificate.
    We will provide you a free 3-months temporary SSL Certificate for you to start, but it is suggested to purchase a Extended Validation Certificate through us (we will take care of the technical stuff and renew it before it expires) or a provider you prefer and then send us the certificate to install on your website (you will need to take care of all the technical stuff and remember to renew it before it expires)
How much does it cost?
Please refer to Pricing.
Can I have the source code/Can I host it on my own server?
Sorry, we are not publishing the source code at the moment, maybe in the future. If you want use Wondershop you will have to host it on one of our servers.
Is Wondershop based on any existing shopping cart program or framework?
No, Wondershop is build from scratch, does not base on any existing shopping cart program or uses any framework.
We do used few open-source components, like TCPDF for exporting PDF, JQuery for UI updates, Font Awsome for icons.
Where is the website hosted?
Currently all our servers are hosted in Auckland, New Zealand.
You can request a different hosting location that close to your customers.
Are passwords encrypted?
Yes, all passwords used across the program are encrypted using a strong one-way hashing algorithm. There is no way to revert the encrypted password back to original password and the encrypted password will be different even the same original password is passed through the hashing algorithm.
Also, unlike some famous social media companies, we never store or use the original password in the program, the original password is directly passed to hashing algorithm and discarded from system memory.
Can I change how the website looks?
Yes you can. The website's interface is build up with templates, currently we only have 1 default template, more will come in the future.
Can I have my own design for the website?
Sure you can. The website's interface is totally separate from its logic, so you can have you own design to meet your business, as long as the interface you designed does not include any non-existing features that is not developed yet.
There will be a downside to have your own design, first it is not free, second there might be continues work to be done on your design in order to catch up the new features in future updates.
Please check Pricing for a price of interface/template jobs.
Can I have customized features on the website?
Yes you can. It is not hard to add features to the program, but will be hard to change the way how existing logic works. You can let us know your idea and we will let you know how to put it into real life situation and will give you a quote.
Please keep in mind that if there is any customization done to the program that conflicts with its original logic, you might not able to upgrade to new versions without paying to re-coding your changes to the new version. But you can always stay on the old version , we do apply fixes to old versions if any bugs are found, so you will not have a broken website even you can't upgrade to the newest version.
Please check Pricing for a price of programming jobs.
Can I remove the "Powered by Wondreshop" at the bottom of the page?
No, sorry you can't.
Is there a demo site?
Yes, please visite Emailing is disabled on the demo site.