to Use Wondershop

  • We charge NZ$200.00 plus New Zealand Goods and Services Tax(GST) of 15% per month to use Wondershop which includes hosting the Wondershop program on one of our servers and 10GB of disk space to store the files and images you uploaded to your website.
  • There is no commission on each sale made through your Wondershop website.
  • There is no limit on how many Admin users you can create.
  • 10GB disk space should be enough to store your product images for years, but in case you run out of disk space we can provide more by 5GB blocks at NZ$5.00/month per block.
  • When the time comes that your website becomes successful and reaches very high traffic volumes due to popularity this will require a more powerful server. We will notify you when this occurs and discuss pricing with you for a dedicated high capacity server to better assist your online business.

Programming Jobs

We charge NZ$185.00 + GST of 15% per hour for additional programming work, e.g. customized features, customized reports etc.
We do not charge for integrating payment gateways that Wondershop does not support yet

Interface/Template Jobs

We charge NZ$120 + GST of 15% per hour for website frontend interface changes, e.g. coding your own design into a template and applying it to your website.

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