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Customizable interface

Wondershop's interface is totally separate from the program logic, so you can create your own design to meet your specific business requirements as long as this does not include any new features that are not yet supported by the program.

Multi-level product category with customizable filters

The basic product categories will appear under the primary navigation menu in Wondershop. You can create multi levels under each product category to help customers navigate through your products. Each category can also have multiple filters applied. Products saved under that category will automatically inherit the filters from this category and can be used by customers to filter their search results.

Product with multiple choices/options

A normal product listing can be converted into a listing containing multiple product options or features with each option having its own availability, price, purchasing limit, stock and more. Customers can easily choose which option they wish to purchase and add it to their shopping cart. E.g. a mobile phone with different colours, the red one may be more expensive, the blue one will be 'pre-order only', the black one is 'in stock with the supplier', and the white one is limited to 'one per customer'.

Each individual product can have a maximum of two levels of options (e.g. choose the colour then the size) and can be listed as one product or each option could be listed separately on your website.

Strick stock management

In Wondershop stocks are managed by batches. You can use the production batch number or, if you prefer, just treat each new stock arrival as a new batch and enter a batch number of your choice. Each batch will have its own cost, sale priority and expiry date (if any). When customers place an order, the system will deduct the highest priority stocked batch first, then the closest product expiry date (if any), and lastly, the earliest date the batch was added. The system will use the corresponding product cost from the batch to generate your Sales Report.

Order processing

Orders in Wondershop are broken up into 'Invoice', 'Order' and 'Packing Slip'. An 'Invoice' can contain multiple 'Orders' and an 'Order' can contain multiple 'Packing Slips'.

When a customer proceeds to checkout and places an order, the system will group their purchases into separate 'Orders' according to the product's dispatch date, e.g. 'In stock' or 'Pre-order' or 'Dispatch in X Days'. Your customer will receive one 'Invoice' containing their total 'Orders' in this checkout. 'Orders' containing 'Pre-order' or 'Dispatch in X Days' items will be set to "Pending" until the pre-set dispatch date is reached.

By default, each 'Order' will generate one 'Packing Slip' but if item(s) in the 'Order' cannot be concurrently fulfilled, an 'Order' can be separated into several 'Packing Slips' to facilitate multi-parcel shipments.

A one button click will print all 'ready to dispatch' packing slips, which contains 'Orders' that have been paid, and reached the pre-set dispatch date. The packing slips can then be processed by the warehouse for packing and shipping.

Quick retail order
There is a quick ordering interface for retail stores which works like a standard retail machine by quick scanning each product's barcode and one click to create an order.
Location + weight based shipping pricing

Every product has a 'shipping weight value' (this can be the actual weight or a volumetric weight as preferred by some courier firms). Wondershop will use the total 'shipping weight' in your customer's shopping cart and the location they entered to calculate the final shipping price.

You can group multiple shipping locations into individual geographical areas and set multiple shipping (courier) options within each area. Each shipping option will have its own weight allowance, a starting weight and price with incremental weight and pricing steps. There is also a free shipping option available when a minimum total order value is reached.

By default the location is set to 'city', but this can be re-set to include regions, specific areas, or even suburbs within a city.

Flexible promotions

You can create as many promotions as you like with different start and end dates. Promotions can also be grouped by 'promotion group' and displayed on one page. You can have pages such as 'Daily Deals' with promotions for one day only, and 'Super Deals' with promotions having different start and end dates and times.

Different template for different products

You can design a different template for different products, for instance a page selling clothing can be in a totally different layout from pages selling shoes. This 'Special Product Detail Template' can be applied to products in a promotion, in a category, or just to the product itself. Wondershop will register the template setting from the promotion first, then the product itself, and lastly the category.

Detailed transactions

Each transaction in Wondershop is fully recorded. You can see the details of each customer payment and the credit flow in your customer's account (if there is credit applying to your customer). Transactions are also detailed by individual payment method. Your report will also usefully give you a breakdown of income source by listing the total amount paid under each payment method.

Demo Site
Please visit our Demo Site demo.wondershop.co.nz, and feel free to browse around the site and place orders. Emailing is disabled on the demo site.